Bocci 1910 - Made in Italy




The company “Bocci 1910” embodies the modern evolution of a stylistic line,
developed under the early 20th century.




In 1922, at the age of 12 years, the charter member Agostino Bocci worked
for “Primaria Valigeria Italiana”.
He found in himself a flair for the work which consisted of the design
and production of trunk-style luggage, and also encompassed trunks specifically designed to fit on the back of automobiles.




February of 1938 brought the birth of the first Bocci family corporation;
soon the family designed and produced luxury-quality leather goods for travel,
which were sold to both the Italian and French fashion markets.
The Bocci company created and patented many collection designs which are still
present in today’s fashion systems.




The company was one of the founders of MIPEL.
In 1967 the international academic jury for ‘Master Dealer in Leather Goods and Footwear’ located in Turin, awarded Bocci the “Oscar of Italian Luxury Leather Goods” for the highly artistic pattern model, and for the superior quality of their products.




After nearly a century of success, in the year 2000 the company closed the doors of its last store on San Pietro all’Orto in Milan.